Don't tell her her babies are really ducklings.

These lovely little babies are the Indian Runner ducklings that I went to visit on Friday. Their 'Mum' is doing a really good job of looking after them and I didn't manage to sneak any away with me, much to my husband's relief.

Gosh, Monday's seem to be getting even busier than they used to be!

We had our first Zoom meeting of the Carers 'Writing for Wellbeing' Group today, and it was so lovely to see everyone again. There were a few technical problems to sort out, but all in all a great first meeting. Looking forward to us meeting fortnightly now, and if you're a carer who's interested in writing please get in touch if you'd like to find out more and join us.

Voting is open today for the finalists in our Carers Week Competitions, so please head over to our Facebook Page, and vote for your favourites. There are several categories - Writing & Arts & Crafts, with sections for both Young Carers and Adult Carers, so be sure and check them all out once they've all been posted. (Still working on that!)

The winners will be announced on Thursday morning - good luck everybody.[0]=68.ARCa7k6htZ0OJhg-loVtEHy65G_ifVzPcLDaKA-0GtuHvXedJKWDMXiKUoJTdhkzbvcHYtM40_UyAOIeCtk8f5vGqL7ocPSSnHaVu5hQPc7IyTpise1kDBRk0iTEurowrFcYjYUETXi6nbE_y-0yJ7Clm9rHsPQ1dKBnob3cvYFCyuoSiod9yl0c8rvG5PxoupeAysn_m5Lb1Rqj6spFnqwwrmzEN-mrz8OouoaZuzw_LcYmFAEhVi0mrMozZqKSm1buvtf6MO8FWoXcfSmbXjrDfF5zNqz-QrF8FC8oj1K3ZY9Km3OQmQG2Y3owFUITL-UM0ZpGQqzYQa_txqpdDy5DhvmX

I think we can declare this year's Carers Week a great success. Having to think creatively due to Lockdown worked really well.

A bit of a rushed post today, sorry.

See you tomorrow.



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