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A bench full of memories.

I've been walking past this bench since my children were wee tots, and as you can see, it's been sitting there a lot longer than that. It sits outside 'the Secret Garden', which of course isn't secret at all, and I have talked about before on here.

Oh dear, I'm starting to forget what I've already written about!

I've never seen a bench of this design anywhere else, and it makes me wonder where it came from, and what's it's history.

How many Mums with toddlers have stopped there for a rest in the sunshine?

Have courting couples sat together holding hands in days gone by? Imagine the stories it could tell.

Thanks to the wonderful response to Betty's story on Friday from so many of you. I hope we will still be able to have a reminiscence session with the local primary school one day. I know several carers with fascinating stories about their school days that they'd love to share.

The good news story I'm sharing today features the wonderful Joanna Lumley, and a war veteran called Edna :

And here's another link to a lovely wee film -

Mondays are always the fastest day of the week for me, by the time I catch up with everything that's come into my in box over the weekend.

Glad to have my mini greenhouse assembled, and looking after it's first guests in this cold snap. At least the sun's still shining though, and you know that old saying - 'Ne're shed a clout till May is out'. I'll definitely be wearing my down jacket for my walk later today!

Stay safe. Mairi

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