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A change of scene.

On Tuesdays I move my 'office' from my upstairs work room to my downstairs kitchen table. I'm such a creature of habit! I started this as I wondered if the WiFi connection would be better downstairs for the Carers Coffee Morning on Zoom, and now I just do it automatically. It does give me a change of scene though, as I'm looking out the window from the other side of the house.

Today I would have been photographing a wedding on the beautiful Calgary Beach on Mull. Hopefully it will be re-scheduled for another sunny day, but I'm sending a bit of love to the couple today who have had to put their special day on hold.

I do try to live in the moment, but sometimes that naughty Filofax of mine just reminds me of what would have been.

I would have been working in Bunessan yesterday, and then staying on the farm where Mull Cheese is made last night. Yesterday their cows were let out to graze for the Summer and what happy girls they were. Look at them jumping for joy!

My lovely friend Chris is sitting in the field as her son watches her happy smiles and I just had to share this photo as it made me smile so much too.

Yesterday I succumbed and ordered the mini greenhouse, so now I just need to find some seed trays for all my precious little baby plants. I really hope that everyone who's discovered gardening during this lockdown will carry on with it after we're let out! Gardening is good for the soul.

A few years ago I spent time at a lovely retreat centre near Inverness, who also ran a tree nursery, specialising in growing native Scottish trees. My time there ('Time for Trees') was spent transplanting thousands of tiny tree seedlings into root trainers, where they were grown on before being sold. Each delicate little seedling had to be handled with the softest touch to avoid damaging the little leaves. We all worked in silence at long greenhouse benches, and it was the most mindful time I have ever spent. I love to think of all those trees growing on Scottish hillsides now. Somewhere there will be silver birch wood that I helped to grow. How amazing is that!

I found an interesting article on re-growing vegetables that I thought was worth sharing -

Let me know how you get on.

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See you tomorrow. Mairi

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