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A day to remember.

We hadn't seen our son since Christmas, so Saturday was a very special day for us as we were finally able to drive to Edinburgh and spend the day with him.

Our plan was to pick him up from his flat in Edinburgh and head out to one of the lovely beaches in East Lothian for a picnic and a walk.

As we drove out of Edinburgh it was clear that most of the population had the same idea! We quickly abandoned the idea of the beach at North Berwick when we saw the huge tailback from the bypass.

Having lived in East Lothian for many years fortunately I know my way about the country lanes, and directed my husband to drive to a beach which is normally pretty quiet. We were stopped at the road end by a manned barrier and a sign announcing that the car park was full, and we drove on past dozens of cars parked along the verges. We passed a little graveyard, and I suggested we might end up having to have our picnic there!

Then we came to a sharp bend in the road with a farm track leading up to the right, and I suddenly remembered the hidden beach at the end of the track. 'Turn up here' I shouted with delight. Then we saw a sign saying 'Car Parking £3.00, Have your money ready'. Changed days from when I was last here.

None of us have been using cash since the start of lockdown, so we frantically searched through our pockets. Amazingly we managed to find £3 in coins just in time to get the Heath Robinson looking barrier to lift for us, and we drove down to the parking area feeling very chuffed.

I had forgotten how wonderful this beach is, with it's views of the Bass Rock, beautiful expanse of sand, and lovely rock formations. Perfect.

There were lots of other people there but everyone was happy and considerate in the glorious sunshine. The dog swam in the waves and we enjoyed our delicious picnic with treats from M & S.

It was amazing to spend time with our lovely boy at last. He's been working as a carer on the frontline since the beginning of March and we are so proud of him. Hopefully we won't have to wait another 6 months before we see him again.

As you can see, our dog was very pleased to see him too. The best of friends.

Saturday felt almost like a normal day - the first one since 16th March. (apart from the mask wearing & hand sanitising) There was still a part of me that felt glad to be back home and away from all the people though.

On Sunday I chatted with our daughter on the phone, and we wondered how long it would be till she will be able to visit us from South Wales. It seems like it would be easier for her to get here from abroad! Patience.

Today's other good news story to share is this:

Now I'd better get on with the Quiz for tomorrow's Coffee Morning. Let me know if you'd like to join us.


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