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Autumn light.

You can almost see my prayer flags shining in the background in the Autumn light yesterday afternoon. As the sun shone through the trees I thought it looked like Autumn fairy lights.

If you can, get outside and make the most of this dry spell. Remember to store up those memories to keep you going through the Winter.

One thing that Covid-19 has definitely made clearer to me is just how important it is to live in the moment. With restrictions changing almost daily just now it's so important to make the most of every special moment. Walk mindfully engaging all your senses. Smell the air, listen to the rustling leaves underfoot, and let those glorious colours soak in to your memory bank.

And smile...... It'll feel good.

I hope you can join me at the 'Healthy Village Group' this morning at 11.00am on Zoom - email me for the code:

We will be joined by George MacKenzie. George MacKenzie is an archivist, and spent most of his career working with Scotland’s national archives in Edinburgh, becoming Keeper of the Records of Scotland before he retired in 2012. He now lives on Seil and continues to be interested in the history of Argyll. He’s going to explain what archives are, and how they help us understand who we are. It will be fascinating!

Hope to see you there.


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