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Changing direction.

The wind is back, and blowing from the opposite direction to last week. So the branch I repaired with Duck Tape after it almost snapped off is blowing against it's supporting stick, and is safe for now. I have no idea whether my 'bandage' will save it long term though, but it's worth a try.

I'm sure I'm much more aware of the weather since I started working from home, and I do move my work station around the house depending on what it looks like outside. It's good to be able to adapt, and something we're all having to get used to this year, whether we like it or not.

It still feels difficult to make any plans for any time in the near future, but we have to try to have things to look forward to. I hate the thought of people just stopping planning anything because they don't want the disappointment when the situation changes. It is very unsettling not knowing what it will be like for us this Winter though.

That's why I'm currently working away on ideas for extra online activities once the Summer is over. Just think - you will be able to join in with so many different things without leaving the comfort of your own home too.

Talking of home, here's a sweet thing I found yesterday -

Off to check the windswept garden now!

See you tomorrow.


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