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I love my yoga classes on Zoom each week. When the classes first started we could see our teacher on the screen but she couldn't see us, then after a number of weeks our teacher decided she'd like to see us, and asked us to switch our cameras on.

I wasn't really sure it was working for me, as the camera is quite close to where I'm practicing, and I wondered what view Karen was seeing most of the time. A lot of the time I practice with my eyes closed, but would glance up if I was unsure of a pose in class when we were together, in the old days. Now I struggle to see the laptop screen without scrambling about to put my glasses on, so just keep my eyes closed most of the time.

Last night as I thought I was following the instructions I was also thinking 'good grief, this is a bit challenging', so it was a relief to hear Karen telling me to do the pose slightly differently. That was much easier! I'm glad you could see me Karen. I will continue to keep the camera on during class now.

I'm currently doing a really interesting course on how to make Podcasts, which involves listening carefully to examples of other peoples work, and it's fascinating to start thinking more about sound and how it affects how we respond to things. The tone of someone's voice, or an accent can make such a huge difference to how we react.

Listening to my yoga teacher's voice is like having a warm hug, but it definitely feels better when I can see her as well.

I'm really enjoying exploring the use of audio, and look forward to being able to introduce podcasts into my work, but there will definitely always be a place for visuals too.

Carers registered with North Argyll Carers Centre can enjoy free Zoom yoga classes with Karen at Isle Yoga. Please chat to Karen to find out if the classes would be suitable for you.

Just had to share the latest video from the brilliant Aardman Animation -

Almost time for my Mindfulness class - let me know if you'd like to join me for the next block of classes, starting soon.


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