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Dancing in the moonlight?

Did you look at the Fairy Moon last night?

My friends at the riding school decided to have an adventure, and went off on a trek, ending with them crossing the head of the loch by the light of the full moon.

I was standing by with my camera to capture the moment, but it was really a bit too dark for my camera to capture much. It was fun though!

It was so still and quiet as I waited, and I could hear the girls chatting on horseback from quite a long way away. I thought the horses would be frightened to head into the water in the dark, but it shows the bond they have with their handlers that they all did what was asked of them. What an amazing bond of trust.

Yet again the day is running away with me, and I'll have to make this a short entry as I've got lots to do, sorry.

Don't miss tomorrow's blog though - a special one for VE Day.

One of our carers has sent me a beautiful video of her singing a Gaelic song written by her father. Lovely.

Don't forget to join me tomorrow.


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