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Everything happens for a reason.

If I was to have a headstone (which I won't) this is what mine would say.

Those close to me will have heard me say it hundreds of times.

'So what's that got to do with a picture of a giraffe?' I hear you say.

Well, at the start of the year I was going to sign up to an online challenge to 'walk 1000 miles'. In preparation for this I bought myself a luminous dry sack rucksack, and a Fitbit.

I planned to walk the mile from home to the village every morning and evening on work days if possible, instead of getting on and off the bus at my road end. And then I would tramp the miles at the weekends.

Well, if you remember what the weather was like in January and February you'll understand why I didn't follow my plan. The rain lashed down, and the wind was too strong to walk against most days. Having calibrated my Fitbit to accurately measure the distance I was walking I felt deflated.

Then along came Lockdown! Working from home every day means I've gained an extra two and a half hours daily that would have been taken up commuting by bus. I've said before how I miss the bus, and the socialising with our drivers and my bus buddies, but I certainly don't miss all the hanging about waiting for the bus, and the time it takes to get back and forward.

Combine that with the outstandingly good weather we've had for the last 11 weeks and it's been easy for me to pass the 500 mile mark.

Fitbit rewards me with little badges when I reach various milestones, and the Serengeti Badge of this giraffe was my reward for reaching 500 miles. It's amazing how the miles add up!

The trick will be to keep this up when the weather returns to the normal Argyll weather of course!!

So if I was asked to name one good thing that's come out of this situation having the time to walk would be my answer. There are of course many more (and many many things that make me sad too). But I do try to always look on the bright side.

Have a think and try to name at least one good thing that's happened due to Lockdown. Even if you're feeling sad and lonely right now there will be something. Even if it's a tiny thing - just think about it, and feel thankful. Maybe you could even write it down. It could be the start of a 'Gratitude Journal'. Let me know how you get on.

As people start to get out and about a bit more, and the worries of social distancing affect us all, here's a unique idea from Romania to help

And if you can't get out walking you could try this Qigong Video from Parkinsons UK - great for helping with balance -

See you tomorrow.


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