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Ewan's boat.

After Tuesday's weather it was especially lovely to see the sun shining yesterday, and the minute I finished work for the day I was off, on the long walk with my trusty companion, Juneau.

One thing I loved about lockdown was the lack of cars on the road. But no more. It's unfortunate that the timing of my walk coincides with all the holiday makers heading back home for tea, up the road, and all the estate workers heading home for tea, down the road.

But just look at the view! That sky, and the sparkling sea, and Ewan's boat almost on the horizon. His daily escape, to just be.

I meet less people on my walks now, as they're mostly driving past. Less chats with neighbours as they tend their gardens.

That feeling of fear every morning, for a few minutes on waking, has faded away, and now my memories of lockdown are of sunshine, and walking, and silence, and friendship. Isn't it amazing how our minds can focus on the best bits.

Today I'm helping facilitate a chat for a podcast, and we'll be talking about a project that's been left hanging in mid-air due to lockdown. It feels like there's no going back. Our world is a different one now. But maybe we can make that part of our project? Interesting.

Here's today's amazing 'good news' story - (crying now!)


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