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Trying to make the most of my daily walk, I have started taking a different camera/lens combination out with me every day. I'm not allowing myself to stick to my favourite, so I'm learning something new every day. I've done a lot of experiments, most of which haven't worked, but occasionally there's a good one among them, and I'm finding it a bit of fun. It's also a great way to pay attention to the little details as I walk. One thing I have learned is that when I put the zoom lens on to spot wildlife it seems to know and goes into hiding! I have seen several wee red squirrels, but only when I've got the wrong lens on the camera. I'll keep trying, although I don't think I'll make Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Here's a link to some previous competition winners:

How was your 'different' Easter weekend? Did you watch that amazing performance by Andrea Bocelli from Italy? I managed to be quite modest with my chocolate intake after I sent boxes full of chocolate to the 'children'. It was lovely to see the sun, although it was very cold here. I made it up to 23,000 steps yesterday, and my Fitbit nearly went into meltdown :)

We've had a lovely Zoom Carers Coffee Morning today - if you'd like to join in, please email me at : and I'll help you get set up before next Tuesday.

One idea that came out of today's chat was a carers recipe book. Everyone is being so resourceful just now, and it's brilliant to hear your ideas to avoid food waste. If you've got a recipe to share please email it to me.

And what should we call the recipe book? Send me your ideas, or post them in the comments box!

See you here tomorrow. Mairi

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