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Filling up for the Winter.

A bit like myself!

Maybe he didn't manage to get all my tulip bulbs, as he's back for peanuts every day.

Comforting food is definitely the order of the day.

I enjoyed watching MasterChef back on television last night, and am looking forward to seeing local Mull chef Carla Lamont when she appears.

Carla and her husband have had to close their fabulous restaurant (on my bucket list) on the Ross of Mull this year due to the pandemic, so what a great way for Carla to fill some time during lockdown. I wonder if she wins?

I've started trying some recipes from our Carers Cookbook, and Fiona's Ham and cauliflower soup is absolutely delicious.

We still have copies for sale, and we are offering to giftwrap and send books to the address of your choice for Christmas. Only £7.50 including postage and packing. Just email Zivile and she'll sort everything out for you -

Today looks a bit horrible out there, so stay cosy, and if you feel like a bit of fun gentle exercise to warm you up then join me on Zoom at 10.30am for my Body Boosting Bingo session. It's great fun! - Email me for the Zoom code.


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