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Hanging on.

After all the wild weather at the weekend it's surprising that any leaves are still hanging on to the trees.

But I can still see lots of golds and bronzes as I look out the window into this morning's rain.

How are you hanging on though?

I've definitely heard too much news over the last few days, and am starting to feel a bit like I did back in March.

My children are too far away, and I can't get to see them, even outdoors now. I have to keep reminding myself that they're grownups now!

Yesterday I decorated a small tree in the garden with fairy lights and it looked quit magical.

Fairy lights are definitely not just for Christmas. I've a feeling that there will be more lights appearing around the house before long.

Here's some good advice from Action for happiness -

If you have a 2020 diary (it won't have much in it!) you could use it to jot down a positive thought each day, from now till the end of the year.

Our carers Coffee Morning is at 10.30am today on Zoom. Drop me a line for the code to join -

Stay safe.


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