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Happy birth - day.

29 days ago today my gorgeous girl was born in Edinburgh after 24 hours of labour, and an emergency caesarian. Here she is being bathed by Auntie Linda, our friend and midwife, shortly after arriving in this world. What an amazing day.

I can still remember the absolute joy and amazement when I opened my eyes every morning and saw this little bundle next to me.

Sadly we can't be together today, so I'm sending virtual hugs to Katie, and will have to owe her a birthday cake.

I had great fun choosing presents for Katie this year though despite not being able to go to real shops. I found so many lovely things made by local artists and craftsmen to order online, and managed to fill up a packed shoebox to post to South Wales.

I've found it really inspiring to see the way many local businesses are adapting to life during lockdown. So if you're looking for a gift for friends or family see what you can find online. Chocolates from Oban, candles from Lismore, soap from Mull and glass from Ford are all lovely.

Last night I was knitting away getting ready for our group starting tomorrow, and although my pattern's not quite right I'm not ripping it out again. Nobody will notice but me I'm sure!

Here's something that will be lovely to watch on Friday - be sure and bookmark it.

Remember to message me if you'd like the Zoom login for the knitting group tomorrow -

Today had to be about Katie. I'm so proud of her.


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