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Harvest Time.

I feel like a squirrel! Storing up memories instead of nuts to get me through the Winter.

I love seeing the Autumn colours appear.

More uncertainty for us to deal with again. It's so difficult. Being an organised person I find it particularly difficult not knowing if something I plan is likely to happen, and I'm trying very hard not to just stop planning anything ahead. I love having things to look forward to.

There's always something to look forward to though, and I'm shifting my thoughts as the months progress. No longer planning travel and adventures, but looking forward to harvesting my winter potatoes, and planting bulbs for the Spring.

I'm being very optimistic about the potatoes!! So far I've picked 7 runner beans, and my 1 courgette reached about 1" before being eaten by a slug. You've got to laugh.

Thinking positively I'm thankful that I now have 3 lovely big raised beds to plant things in next year, and I'm definitely going to get a bumper crop of broccoli in February unless a swarm of locusts swoops in and devours the plants before then!

Talking of adventures - did you hear about the family who spent lockdown in Nepal?

Quite an adventure!

Coffee morning at 10.30am on Zoom today - we're reminiscing about food. Hope you can join me.


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