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I had a break.

And what a break it was!

For too long it seemed like there was no point in taking a 'holiday' in this time of the new normal. What would be the point of being off work when there was virtually nowhere to travel to? Comfort in the daily get-togethers online.

And then there was a big Birthday to celebrate (not mine), but how to do that in these times? Finally our lovely girl was able to travel from deepest darkest South Wales back to Scotland, and a holiday seemed the right thing for us.

All his big Birthdays have been connected with the boat, and sailing, so it was decided. We'd leave home together and head off on the water. Checking the internet and there was only one Hebridean island where we wouldn't be able to land.

What freedom we have had. Perfect (almost unbelievable) weather, with barely a puff of wind. Not ideal for the sailor, but just the way I like it. Sitting on the sun soaked deck knitting or reading, and laughing. So much lovely laughing. And dolphins! Still able to find deserted anchorages in the turquoise sea trimmed by pearl white sandy beaches. feeling very lucky to be alive.

After a week with virtually no access to anything online it feels quite strange to be back here in front of my screen tapping away on my keyboard. I'm sure I'll soon get used to it again though.

Back with a head full of ideas, planning for the change of the seasons. Summer fading into Autumn before too long, and nights becoming longer. Time for new things to keep us well while the new normal becomes just normal. Watch this space ………..


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