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I have a date!

With some baby Runner Ducks.

For many years I kept Runner Ducks in my garden and I absolutely adore them. Although sadly I don't have any just now my friend on a nearby farm does, and I've been invited up to meet the latest ducklings. I can't wait.

She might have to check my pockets when I leave though!!

Yesterday I ran our first Zoom Mindfulness session and I really enjoyed being back doing what I do best. Working with a group of carers again was great, and I am thinking up lots of new and creative ways for us to work together using Zoom and emails. It's feeling exciting.

Please get in touch if you'd like to join an online class or group.

Carers - there's still time to send in a last minute entry to our Carers Week competitions. Voting starts on Monday, so get your entries in to

Now I'm off to see the ducklings.

Take care, stay safe, and see you again on Monday.


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