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Just call me Tigger.

So, after months of research into how to keep fit in the Winter, when I'm working from home and it's dark all the time I'm not working pretty much, I decided to buy a rebound trampoline.

It arrived yesterday, and I've just done 10 minutes (recommended to start with) bouncing to George Ezra. That was fun! I think I'm going to like this.

How to keep fit in the Winter is a bit of a worry, if everyone is still spending most of their time indoors and at home, so I will be introducing some online exercise sessions on Zoom. Don't worry though you won't be bouncing, and you won't have to buy any expensive equipment. It will be suitable for everyone and we'll get started next month.

So happy to see the sun shining again today. Hope you can get out and enjoy it.

This picture made me smile yesterday -

It's good to know that some businesses are doing well due to Covid 19, and mask designers are certainly going to be selling lots. Face masks are the new fashion accessory. I've already got quite a collection, partly because I keep trying different designs to find one that fits properly and feels comfortable.

So far these are the most comfortable ones I've found -

And if you're unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, remember to wear a sunflower lanyard, and hopefully people will understand.

But it's also worth asking at the Customer Service Desks in Marks & Spencer or Tesco in Oban as they should have some available.

Now I'm going to have to spend the day at my computer completing reports etc. so that I can get away on holiday. It will be worth it!

Stay safe.


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