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Life is not cancelled - we just need to change how we do it for a while.

We all woke up this morning knowing that life as we know it has changed. No school or work to go to for many of us, but caring going on as always. I'm thinking more about what to write today as somehow it seems even more important to have the right words. Wouldn't it be great if we could just pretend this was an extended Christmas holiday.

However difficult the days ahead must seem, we need to find something good to focus on. Our own mental wellbeing is the most important thing, and don't forget that.

Don't watch the News - I haven't watched it for years! News stories still filter through, but sitting absorbing all the doom and gloom from around the world is not going to make us feel happier. Stuff still happens whether we watch it on the news or not. This might sound like I'm a bit of an ostrich,

but it's part of living mindfully. If we live in the moment we function better - switch off that chattering brain if you can. Not easy, I know. If you've done some Mindfulness with me you'll have an idea of how to practice 5 minute Mindfulness - pick up those pine cones. If not, I'll share some ideas with you.

Yesterday I started thinking about ways we could 'be together' virtually, and that's something I'm going to be working on over the next week or so. We've started to have team meetings using Zoom, and we all agree that it's good to see each other (even if some of us are still working in our pyjamas). I'll be trying to figure out if that's something I can use to run virtual sessions. Every day's a learning day - it certainly is for me just now. Just getting used to Blogging and now I'll be finding out about Webinars and Vlogging!! Don't worry - You'll be joining me on this journey :)

And remember - North Argyll Carers Centre staff are still there for you. We might not be able to hand you a cup of tea and a biscuit, but we can listen and help in other ways. Keep in touch.

Together we can make the weeks more interesting.

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