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Love is all around us.

Being a wedding photographer (my other job) is the most awesome privilege. Two people in love, strangers to me, invite me to share every intimate moment of their most special day.

And in these strange and difficult times I feel honoured to be part of the team who made this all happen yesterday. Everyone pulled out all the stops to rearrange everything to work round the impending lockdown for this lovely couple, and boy was it worth it.

The sun came out and allowed us to hold the ceremony outdoors, where we were surrounded by the glory of Autumn in Argyll.

I always cry at weddings, but I'm crying even more at Covid times weddings. Everyone needs love and happiness in their lives. Forget about the big expensive do with hundreds of people and just celebrate the love you have for each other. Live in the moment, and there will be time for so many big happy parties one day. And oh so many hugs!!

Don't forget to walk past the windows of the Carers Centre tonight from 5.00pm when our 'Lilies to Remember' will be lit from inside. Time to stop and remember our 'Absent Friends'.

And guess what today's jigsaw is? This one's a bit of a challenge ;)

I hope you find some love and light this weekend.

Stay safe.


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