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Milk Tray?

Hands up if you remember those ads where the man dressed in black went to great lengths to deliver a box of chocolates?

This was the sight outside my window last night, but no chocolates were delivered.

Some boys were being taken to a nearby island and asked if they could get picked up on the grass outside our house. A bit of excitement! I wish I could have hijacked the helicopter and got it to take me on a tour.

Living where we do we see and hear a lot of helicopters. Sometimes ferrying fish between fish farms, from a boat anchored in the bay, but sometimes we hear them late at night, and I fear for whoever is lost in the hills or at sea.

It must be an exciting way to travel though. Imagine how quickly you could get to places!

Here's that man -

I feel like eating a box of chocolates now!!

Lots of online meetings though, so I'd better get on. Where does the time go to?

Hope to find something interesting to share with you tomorrow.


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