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Mindful Moments

Today I woke to the sound of birds singing, as the sun seeped in through the edges of the blackout blinds that have never really lived up to their name. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes!

I would have been running my monthly Mindfulness session in Oban today, so I'm inviting you to join me for some Mindful Walking instead. Try to get outside at 1.00pm today (hopefully the sun will still be shining!) and take a walk, noticing your surroundings, with awareness in every step. No need to travel to walk - a circular walk around your house can be perfect.

Here's a link to a useful website - I particularly like the thinking of Thich Nhat Hanh (although I always struggle to spell his name).

Maybe it's my optimistic nature, but I'm finding Good News stories in abundance just now. Two that I want to share with you for the weekend:

Our lovely 'Writing for Wellbeing' tutor, Leonie Charlton, has had her first book published, and while the official book launch involving Oban Malt & live music had to be cancelled, Leonie managed to sign some copies of her book which are now available from Waterstone's, Oban, and her publishers are working hard to promote her beautiful book. I can't wait to read it.

And have you seen what the people in Ballachulish are doing? Brilliant!

Soak up that sunshine while it lasts and I'll be back on Monday. Don't forget to email me your stories. Mairi

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