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Missed the bus!

I joked this morning that I'd missed the bus and would be late for work, but actually I miss the bus! Me and my bus buddies would be chatting non stop on our way to Oban in the morning, and the same on our way home at night. We have the absolute best bus drivers, who are always chatty and smiling, and I miss them. I can see the bus driving past my window as I work at my laptop, but so far haven't managed to wave to the driver.

Our bus drivers are more local heroes who should be applauded for continuing to work and provide this vital lifeline for many people in Argyll.

The sun is shining as it did on this day 30 years ago, when I got married. It's much colder today though, and the velvet jacket I wore over my wedding dress was eaten by mice many years ago, so we won't be standing outside drinking champagne this evening.

My heart goes out to all this year's brides to be who have had to cancel the big day that they've been dreaming of. Being a wedding photographer is my absolute passion, and I fit in wedding shoots when I can, along with my day job at NACC. Two of my wedding bookings are on hold for now but fellow wedding photographers are using the tag #loveisnotcancelled on our Social Media posts. Keep that in mind.

We had a delicious anniversary meal on Saturday evening instead of tonight as we both agreed that we wouldn't take today as a holiday given everything that's happening. And we both fell asleep in front of the TV later - par for the course ;)

I had to make an new sign for the back door today, as our postie last week was a girl, after me putting up a sign saying 'Thanks Mr Postie'! It has made her smile though.

Hope to have our first virtual coffee morning tomorrow, so please drop me an email if you'd like to be part of that. The more the merrier.

Hope everyone will bake a cake for it!

See you tomorrow. Mairi

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