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Morning treats.

September is always my favourite month for landscapes here in Argyll. There's something about the light that's magical, and when the sun comes up as the mist hovers over the water everything looks special.

Dew decorated cobwebs sparkle among the fading seed heads, with the sunlight spotlighting the beauty in a spiders web.

I was out early this morning, and was glad I'd taken my camera with me.

It's been a funny week for me though, with a lot of ups and downs.

Yesterday Ali and I held our first 'Healthy Village' Group on Zoom, something we were both really looking forward to. But instead of lots of familiar faces joining us for the fascinating talk by Bob Shepton on his amazing life of adventure we were joined by one old friend.

I couldn't help longing for the chance to go back to Port Appin Hall and have a 'real' group again. How I loved driving up there every month in any weather. And I miss the cheese scones! (And all the other amazing home baking). And all the well kent faces. Some won't be able to join us ever again and when we are finally able to meet up it will be a different group, but I am so looking forward to that.

So I hope you will join Ali and I for our Healthy Village Group on Zoom next month. I couldn't send any last minute reminders out this time due to the lack of Wi-Fi, but I'll be on the case next month! We'd really love to see you. Pop the 15th October at 11.00am in your diary.

I'm glad I was out early this morning as the sunshine and beauty around me has helped lift my spirits. Remember to look around you when you're out. The Autumn colours are just starting to appear as the temperature is dropping. Look out your favourite jumpers and enjoy the cosiness.

Friday seems to have become jigsaw day, so here's another one to challenge you -

Clue - My dog's in it! I don't think it's quite as hard as last week's.

I hope the weekend brings us Autumn sunshine and a chance to get out and enjoy where we live. Make the most of every moment.

And here's a photo that amused me today -


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