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My doorstep challenge.

He had a mind of his own, and wasn't for posing with his owner. (I much prefer dogs!) He is a handsome chap though.

I'm having a great time doing these doorstep portraits, and raising money for Young Carers at the same time. It's a really fun thing for me to do in my spare time, after working at my computer all day too.

Please get in touch if you'd like some photos, and live within the Oban or Kilmelford area.

I'm so glad to have found a way to take photos of people during this time, as it has always been my way of relaxing and escaping from life's trials and sadness. You should try it. Photography is a very mindful activity too. When I'm looking through the viewfinder I'm totally focusing on the moment. Something to think about, and discuss when our Mindfulness sessions start up again. Watch this space.

During another doorstep photo shoot yesterday afternoon I heard the most amazing story about the Paisley Snail, which of course I had to Google. What an interesting read, and one of those babies is the lady I was chatting to yesterday! Have a read here:

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Stay safe, and enjoy the sunshine, but remember to wear sunscreen!


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