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A month of colour - golds and pinks and bronze.

And perfect reflections in the still lochs of Argyll.

And once more I am reminded how lucky I am to live here.

This beautiful tree is outside my back door. It's a Japanese Katsura tree, which just glows with colour at this time of year, as well as sending the delicious smell of toffee into the air as the leaves blow in the breeze. You can read more about it here:

I've had the most lovely week of Annual Leave. I didn't go on any exotic holiday, but I just made sure that I made the absolute most of every day. Being with friends outdoors when it was possible, and soaking in all the glorious views around at this time of year. And enjoying lighting some candles, drawing the curtains, and settling down with my knitting in the evening. Even my knitting is looking Autumnal!

Remember to store all those lovely things in your memory bank for the Winter. And if restrictions get tighter we've got something to hold on to.

We had our 'Writing for Wellbeing' group this morning on Zoom. Always such a good session, and I've pinched something from Leonie's (our tutor) Facebook feed today, which seemed appropriate for the time of year -

Who can hear the deer roaring? We only have Roe deer here, and I'm not sure if they roar, but I'll keep listening.

Here's a good news story I saw while I was on leave -

Don't forget it's our Coffee Morning tomorrow at 10.30am on Zoom. You should have the new code in the e-newsletter I sent out. Look forward to seeing you there.


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