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Open to change?

I'm determined not to let the weather get in the way of my walking, and I'm pleased to say I still managed an acceptable 14 miles over the weekend, despite the heavy rain showers.

There was a marked increase in the number of cars driving up the single track road that has been my route of choice most days since the start of lockdown however, so I'm thinking of changing my most regular route.

'Up the hill' is my second favourite route, and I'm pleased to say that that road still remains quiet. It's a very different walk to the one that follows the side of the loch, and when you get up into the hills it feels like you're a million miles from home.

The start of the walk is a fairly steep climb, with a sweeping hairpin bend in the road, and there's a shortcut up through a small woodland. Having not been up there for over a week I hadn't realised how tall the bracken now is! It was way over my head, and I had to follow the dog as she knew the way through. So that's another route that I'll be changing.

What changes have you been making since lockdown? And are you making different changes as restrictions are lifted?

Over the weekend I've been bookmarking all sorts of uplifting things to share, so this is a bit of a Bumper Blog of happiness today!

This will make you smile:

And just listening to Rob's joy will make you feel good:

There's nothing like a close encounter with a dolphin to make you grin from ear to ear!

And here's some lovely positive things to download:

Keep smiling, even when it's raining.


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