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Rainbows & chocolate.

Attempt no.5!

Internet problems all morning, so what I thought I had posted has disappeared yet again! Oh well, these things are sent to try us.

I'm loving all your rainbow pictures, so keep sharing them. Thanks.

I hope you have lots of chocolate eggs stashed to enjoy.

I'm not going to attempt to write my whole blog again as it's taken me so long that I've forgotten what I wrote anyway!

Here's some links to local online church services for those of you who are going to miss your usual Easter Service. Hopefully you should be able to access live Easter Sunday services from these links (which are all mixed up thanks to the internet reception):

And here's something special to watch on Sunday - hope the internet can cope with the demand!

Sorry about the lack of today's story, but I hope you all have a relaxed weekend. It will certainly be different to the usual holiday weekend.

Stay safe, and I'll be back on Tuesday (when hopefully my internet will be behaving)

as I've got a day's holiday on Monday.

Enjoy that chocolate :) Mairi

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