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Reasons to be cheerful.

I've mentioned before what a highlight of my day the arrival of the postie is, and yesterday was even better thanks to the surprises I received. I was touched and delighted to receive a copy of this month's 'Round & About' from a lovely carer on Mull. She knows how much I am missing my visits to the islands for my carers groups. I think this will be a publication to keep for posterity, as it illustrates so well how the island are dealing with the current lockdown situation.

The other thing I received in the post was an envelope full of shiny runner beans, just waiting to be planted, from a friend who saw a comment I made about finding it difficult to source seeds and plants. Lovely.

Has anyone else been feeling really tired this week? I've spoken to a few people who have. Maybe it's just everything catching up with us. This is the first week I haven't been up before 6.00am, and haven't managed my 6 mile walk since Sunday. And I have to admit to finding it harder to know which day of the week it is this week! No worries. It's important to listen to our bodies, and go with the flow. Be kind to yourself, and remember, this is not normal!

I had to share this video - so funny.

And for those of you missing our Mindfulness sessions, here's a weekend online Mindfulness Retreat from the Mindfulness Association:

And the sun is still shining!

Until tomorrow. Mairi

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