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I usually hate the clocks changing at this time of year, and don't look forward to the lack of sunlight.

So this year I'm making a big effort to stay positive, and looking forward to being snuggled up under a blanket in the evenings while I do my knitting.

My knitting, which is currently driving me a bit mad!! I've followed the pattern and now have a sleeve that's about 4 inches longer than my arm.

I spent my weekend clearing and tidying as I plan to move my work space to the other side of the house where I will have a view of the water, and a bit more light for the Winter.

And as I watched next door's children leave to catch the bus this morning in the wind and the rain I was grateful to be working from home.

A couple of years ago I worked with writer Merryn Glover to bring writing workshops to carers on Tiree, and this morning I read her blog which describes the month of October beautifully. You can read it here, and be inspired! -

Join me tomorrow morning at 10.30am on Zoom for a Halloween themed Coffee Morning.

Email me for the code to join:


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