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Shrouded in mist.

This is more like our typical weather! Drippy dampness, with the hills hidden by a cloak of white mist, perfectly suited to the midges. How do they know the date?

We used to live in the midge capital of the West Coast and our neighbour kept a diary of when the first midges bit, and it was pretty much the same date every year.

Glad to say we're no longer in the midge capital!

For anyone who hasn't experienced the Scottish midge it's hard to imagine how bad they can be. We literally couldn't go outside after about 4.00pm for several months of the year without almost choking in a swarm of midges that surrounded our house. It really was like a horror film! I remember running back inside screaming after having to load up the car one evening. What good do midges do? There must be a reason for them existing?

Hope that hasn't got you itching now!

Lets hope the sun comes back soon. They won't like that.

We've had a great response to the competition to name our recipe book, and I'm delighted to say that I'll be announcing the winner on Facebook this morning.

I just had to share this clip with you as it made me laugh so much -

When I did my very last 'normal' shopping trip before lockdown, I grabbed a few things that would help if we got ill, and I had to include a bottle of original Lucosade. I still remember my Mum giving me that when I was ill as a wee girl. Hopefully I won't ever use it!

Stay safe, and see you tomorrow.


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