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Snail mail.

I do love receiving letters, and yesterday was a particularly good day for post, especially after we had lost the Wi-Fi in the area! (Right in the middle of a training course on Zoom - Suddenly I had gone from the Zoom group!)

I headed out to find a mobile phone signal, and walked 3 miles without finding one. I then dug out the old dial up telephone and managed to contact BT who informed me that they expected the service to be restored by Monday 21st September!!

It was like being back in the dark ages. You can't do much work from home without the internet.

Fortunately BT were wrong, and I awoke to find the familiar blue light on the WiFi router this morning, so normal service can be resumed.

It was strange though!

I enjoyed an evening without the internet though, and my knitting got on better than usual. I found a lovely old programme to watch on BBC4 about children being evacuated from Manchester during the war.

Once more I am reminded how much we appreciate things when we think we're going to loose them.

I've spoken about my gardening exploits many times on here, and I enjoyed reading this article -

(Try opening the link - it may not work though without subscribing to the Financial Times)

Now I'm playing catch up a bit, but should be fine for all today's events on Zoom.

Hopefully no more surprises today.


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