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Star Wars Day!

I've no idea who started this idea, but for some reason I always remember it. I'm not even a big Star Wars fan!

And today is also a Bank Holiday, which is another strange thing. Will anybody be observing that I wonder?

I hope you've been able to enjoy the lovely weather again this weekend. Isn't it amazing! I spent two days chopping down trees that had popped up in places they shouldn't be. Normally I would hate the thought of chopping down a tree. I'm one of those gardeners who can't cope with pruning shrubs in case it hurts them, so I tend not to grow things that need pruning. I also find it stressful as there are so many different ways to prune things - before flowering, after flowering, old growth, new growth, I think I need a visit from Monty Don. (Quite a few of us would like that).

Looking at all my seedlings lined up along the windowsills yesterday I started thinking about mini greenhouses, which of course meant a search online. Needless to say, along with just about everything garden related, they're pretty much sold out. At one point I did add one to my Amazon basket, but before I had time to measure the space available outside it had gone. The funny thing was that later my cousin posted on Facebook that he'd just ordered the same thing for his Dad. I wonder if he got the one I had in my basket?

My diary is now filling up with Zoom sessions instead of visits, and I'm trying hard to limit these to one a day, as there's only so much online stuff I can take in a day!

But I'm delighted that my yoga teacher has now succumbed and is going to run weekly sessions - yippee!

For any registered carers who've been to Karen's classes before, you can now join the Zoom sessions for free. Contact Karen here -

And I couldn't resist another one for today -

Off to meet the illustrators who are working on our cookery book now.

I've quite a few recipes, but could still include plenty more - please send me your favourites -

Thanks. Mairi

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