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Have you ever seen a sundew?

This beautiful exotic looking plant was something I'd only seen photographs of up until a few years ago, and although I knew it grew in Scotland I never imagined I would see it.

So when I found some while out hillwalking a couple of years ago I was very excited. Like many things, since then I have seen it growing in lots of places. But now of course, I know how to look for it!

It's very tiny. Much tinier than I had imagined from photos. And my eyes are now able to pick out the distinctive colour almost straight away.

Isn't it good when that little bit of extra knowledge is just what we need for all the pieces to fit into place?

It's true what they say - 'every day's a school day', and life would be a lot less interesting if we knew everything there was to know! I love learning something new every day, and it's one of the things I enjoy so much about working with groups of carers. While I might be working in my 'teaching role' I will always learn something from my 'pupils'.

So keep an open mind, and you never know what you will learn each day.

And keep your eyes peeled next time you're walking somewhere that's a bit boggy. Look for that distinctive red colour in amongst the green mosses.

Please check out the Young Carers competition entries on our Facebook Page, and vote for your favourite before midnight on Wednesday. So much talent!

At today's coffee morning we talked about slow worms, and Penny has shared a picture of one in her garden.

I wonder what I'll spot on my walk today? Looks like the sun's coming back just in time.

Stay safe.


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