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The Constant Gardener.

When I started creating my lockdown garden, although I wanted to be able to grow lots of lovely vegetables I really wanted a scented garden close to the door, so that I could smell roses and sweet peas when the door was open.

As I quickly discovered anything desirable for the garden was almost impossible to find, and I ended up ordering a bare root rose as it was all I could buy at the time. Not knowing much about roses I was unsure if the dry twiggy thing that arrived in the post had any chance of producing a flower in it's first year. So I have been delighted by it's vigour, and so pleased to be able to look out at it climbing up the trellis, with lots of flowers appearing. The scent of this old fashioned rose is so delicious.

Not everything has grown so successfully, as I've mentioned before. We have a great selection of lettuce leaves, and the broccoli plants are going to give us plenty of Winter greens, but there are still no courgettes or runner beans appearing despite all their lovely flowers. Trial and error, like many things in life.

The failures haven't put me off vegetable growing though, and I have seed catalogues ready to peruse for next year's planting. If at first you don't succeed...…..

Here's a cheery wee video for today -

The sun is shining when it wasn't supposed to be, so I hope you can make the most of your day.


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