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The light ahead?

As you may have guessed, after nearly 10 months of blogging, I'm running out of things to say!

It's been a very different way of working for me, and I'm definitely in need of a rest from my computer, so I will be switching off on the 22nd December after the Christmas Coffee Morning, and will be back again on Tuesday 5th January when normal service will be resumed.

But don't miss our Christmas Coffee Morning on Tuesday 22nd December at 10.30am on Zoom, when we'll have lots of fun together!

As I write this the news is as gloomy as usual, but we can only hope that we'll see things improving next year, with the chance for lots of things to get back to normal.

My hope is that I can just make 2021 a great big hug-fest!

Think of all the things you've missed in 2020 and look forward to them being extra special in 2021.

I'll look forward to being back here next year with my blogging mojo replenished.

Here's an extra difficult jigsaw to keep you going -

Stay safe, and have the best Christmas you can.


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