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The nosey neighbour.

He sat and watched as the dog and I walked by, and waited there long enough for me to go into the house and come back with my camera. Very obliging! (And the first sharp shot I've managed to get with the new humungous lens!)

Today the wind is wild outside, on one of those strange warm gales days. I'm on plant watch - one casualty so far. Not much I can do to support the 6 foot sunflowers any better though - fingers crossed they survive.

I used to feel really sad when I lost a plant due to weather damage, but then the late great Geoff Hamilton said 'look on the loss of a plant as an opportunity to plant something new'. So now I do.

And here's a brilliant news story from yesterday - Imagine if that happened in Oban!

Almost the end of the week already. How did that happen?


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