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There's no place like home.

In the old days (pre-Covid) I did lots of travelling whether I was working, or dashing about doing photography things, and I usually found a day at home pretty boring most of the time.

And since lockdown I've been mostly working at the computer or going on huge long walks, rediscovering the local area and appreciating how lucky I am to live where I do.

So this weekend's downpours have meant more time in the house. I've looked around and seen so many things that are needing done, most of which I'm happy to keep for another rainy day in the depths of Winter.

One thing I have done though was a shift around of furniture now that we have our new decking area and flower 'garden', accessed from the patio doors.

This is my new favourite place.

I can sit in my Granny's Lloyd loom chair and watch the birds feeding and the plants growing, while I read or write or knit.

I can open the doors and smell the sea air.

There's so much I am learning to appreciate about home now that I'm here all the time.

How do you feel? I hope your home hasn't begun to feel like a prison.

Some people rearrange and replace their furniture often, but I'm not one of those people. I think carefully about where everything is to go, and then it stays that way, so this is a significant move for me after 10 years!! If you can make out the image in the picture on my wall you might notice a slight resemblance to my view now. I've always loved that picture, and dreamed of walking out that door.

Yesterday I sat there for a while, working on a piece for our 'Writing for Wellbeing' Group, which is meeting this morning. I couldn't remember how many words we'd been asked to write, and once I got started I couldn't stop. It may have to be a book! We'll see. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it up, but it is interesting that I prefer to do non-computer things in my spare time now, when I would have been on the computer every evening and weekend working on photography stuff in the old days. And now here I am writing longhand in an old fashioned notebook, which of course means that I'll still have to type it into the computer at some point!

Is there something different that you've started to enjoy since lockdown?

My Fitbit was calling me an over achiever again at the weekend, despite the rain. What it doesn't realise is that if I walk less than 6 miles a day the dog goes in the huff now. I wish I was looking as slim as her, but then she doesn't have chocolate or wine!

Fitbit also sent me this article on Mindful Walking which I'll share now. Something I often talk about in our Carers Mindfulness sessions too.

Let me know if you'd like to join one of our Zoom Groups, or if you have ideas for other groups you'd like me to start.


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