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This is not normal.

Any of you who are familiar with North Argyll Carers Centre will know that something we do well is hugs! I think it's safe to say that we even have a few 'super huggers' among our staff.

But right now we're having to send out 'virtual hugs' to everyone we know. My arms ache for the chance to wrap them round my children.

It's not normal! Nothing about these days is normal, but somehow we have to find the strength to keep going, not knowing what the next day will bring.

The sun will still come up every morning (even if it's hidden by clouds) and one day we'll be able to have the biggest group hug imaginable. Until then try hugging a tree when you're out on your daily walk! Who cares if anyone thinks you're mad - it's worth a try.

And if, like me, you find yourself crying for no apparent reason at some point in the day, that really is normal! How many times have we heard the expression 'exceptional times'?

Yesterday I heard about an old lady in her nineties who was talking about living through the war, and how that was much easier to cope with than this.

Normally the eternal optimist, I'm finding it a bit harder every day to stay cheerful all the time. I will still keep smiling though, and writing this blog and sharing with you every day is one of the things that's keeping me smiling. It's fun to search the internet for good news stories to share, and there is a lot out there to help us laugh.

There's always hope :)

And this one just made me laugh out loud -

I think that's what I'm having for lunch :)


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