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This little piggy …….

I've never stayed at home so much.

It surprises me that I haven't had my usual itchy feet, but I'm glad to say that staying at home is good.

How I feel for those who don't have the comfort of a loving home though, as I count my blessing every day.

Somehow the little things that used to annoy me around the house don't matter any more, and instead I notice things that I love.

Practicing Zoom Yoga on the bedroom floor, which we've never been able to afford a carpet for, I noticed how the sea is reflected in the glass of a picture on the bedroom wall. How lovely to be able to see the sea from there. And I feel thankful for the space to roll out my mat, and stretch my body, which doesn't need a carpet beneath it.

I hope that as this strange time continues you are able to find things to be thankful for where you are.

Carers registered with North Argyll Carers Centre can access funding through the Alternative Respite Fund, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if there's something that would help make your life a bit easier or more enjoyable right now. We have already bought tablets for some carers to help them keep in touch with family, but even something like a magazine subscription could be a treat for you. Please get in touch and chat about how we can help. Together we can think creatively.

There was great excitement as I checked Facebook over my morning cuppa today - my hairdresser has opened up her booking system, in the hope that she'll be back at work in July! So I have an appointment in my diary. I recon she'll have to make our appointments times twice as long while she tries to gain control of all the hay stacks!

I found the hairdressing scissors so I may attempt to tackle my husband's mop later!!

Zooming for the rest of the day.

Stay safe.


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