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Time and tide.....

Our house is at the head of a sea loch so we are always aware of the state of the tide. A quick glance out the window is all it takes.

But when we saw this 'tide clock' while on holiday last year we couldn't resist it. Now I can check which way the tide's travelling even when I've not been looking out the window!

It has proved useful on many days though. I sometimes walk across the head of the loch at low tide, and it's really helpful to know how much time I've got to get back home again without a soaking. There have been a few occasions in the past when I've had to choose between wading through water above the height of my wellies, or back tracking and walking the longer road home.

Time, and our perception of it, is a funny thing as I've mentioned before. The way some days fly by and others seem never ending fascinates me.

I continue to wake up around 4.30am every day, and getting up by 5.00am is starting to feel like the new normal! That's fine while I'm working from home though.

My pal Ali and I would have been heading off to beautiful Barra on Friday, to start walking the Hebridean Way, so my thoughts keep travelling to those wonderful islands.

Here's a time lapse from over there to take you on a wee journey today -

I'll be posting more links to the Hebrides over the next week and we can have a virtual holiday together.

The recipes are all collected for our fundraising recipe book, and there's a competition to choose the title. Writer of the winning title will receive a copy of the book.

The shortlist is:

1. Carers Companion Cookbook

2. North Argyll 'Cook in Style' Cookbook

3. North Argyll 'Caring and Sharing' Cookbook

4. North Argyll Carers Cookbook

5. Ready, Steady, Stay inside and cook - book

6. Caring for Food

Leave a comment in the box below with the number of your choice.

Until tomorrow.


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