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Time to go home?

For some reason that just seemed like the right title for this picture.

I've been thinking about going home a lot over the weekend, as I come to terms with the fact that our children won't be coming home for Christmas.

I really hope that we're not the only ones being sensible about travel this Winter.

I find it hard to hear about so many people refusing to follow any Covid rules, and just wish there was a way to make everyone see sense. So we'll be doing what we're told, and not going anywhere unless we absolutely have to. There's talk of a socially distanced gathering round a fire, weather permitting. Fingers crossed.

So for the next few weeks I will be trying to find some activities that we can try doing together while we're apart!

Here's a sweet wee video for you:

And here's a jigsaw to keep you busy for a while:

Clue - Have you put yours up yet?

Stay safe.


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