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Sheep with attitude! Normally they run away when you get anywhere near them, but this group looked quite menacing. As I got closer a big ram stepped out and started stamping it's foot. I didn't go any further!

My days are getting busier and busier as we all still adapt to this socially distanced online way of working. It's great to hear from other organisations and get ideas for working together in different ways.

Tomorrow is the first 'Afternoon Tea with Friends' on Zoom. Join me for an informal chat when I will be joined by friends from other local organisations that North Argyll Carers Centre works with. Tomorrow Charmaine Love, from Anderson Banks, will be there to offer legal advice, and Sarah Chapman from Community Contacts will be there to talk about help with Self Directed Support. Drop me an email for the Zoom link - hope to see you there.

Here's a link to a very interesting article on breathing and how it can help us:

See you soon I hope.


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