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We're all struggling.

I don't think that's a sweeping statement.

Some of us are struggling emotionally, longing for hugs and the company of friends and family, while others are struggling financially, with lost jobs and failing businesses.

This Winter was always going to be tough and it's even more important to look after ourselves right now.

'You have to put your own oxygen mask on first'.

Wise words for us all right now. If you run out of oxygen you're no good to anyone else.

Yesterday I had a day just for me and it felt good. As I sat watching a Christmas movie in the afternoon, while doing my knitting, I didn't feel guilty at all.

So if you're struggling with all the talk of restrictions and what may or may not be allowed at Christmas this year, give yourself a good sniff of oxygen, and do something for yourself. And don't feel guilty about it!

And when you start feeling sorry for yourself, try to remember that we're all struggling.

Maybe we'll celebrate Christmas in the Summer, and pretend we're down under as we cook our dinner on the barbie. That could be fun!

And just in case you've been missing the jigsaw puzzles -

Keep on smiling.


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