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When you go out without the camera!

Yesterday was a day of processing wedding photos for me, but I couldn't resist going for a longish dog walk in the afternoon as the weather was so good.

Knowing I wouldn't have time to sort out more photos I did something I almost never do - went out without my camera! Needless to say the light was amazing, and I had to resort to taking some photos with my phone. I don't normally manage anything decent with my phone, so I was quite pleased with this photo of a favourite tree, which is still holding on to it's leaves.

Always be prepared :)

Today we've got our monthly quiz at the Coffee Morning, and we've got a chilly Winter theme to the questions, so get yourself cosy and join me, pen and paper at the ready for 10.30am on Zoom. Message me for the code -

And here's a lovely good news story for the day -

Stay safe.


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