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Words of wisdom?

Watching 'The Bake Off' last night, and Prue Leith came out with another one of her great phrases as she chatted to the contestants.

It's true though. Often we are so hard on ourselves, trying to be the best at everything. Be kinder to yourself, and remember Prue's words.

Today I'm doing a presentation at the National Carers Trust Conference, online of course.

So far our attempts to have a technical run through have failed, through no fault of the participants, so we're all still a bit in the dark as to how the whole thing will work when we go live. It should be interesting!

It's very different though to be sitting in the comfort of home reading my notes to the computer screen instead of standing at a podium looking at a huge room full of delegates.

I wonder if or when we'll ever get back to meeting in large groups with people from all over the world?

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to present at an International Conference in Iceland. What a fabulous country to visit. And I met so many interesting people working in similar fields around the world and we learned so much from listening to each other. I'm not sure it will be the same today. Each of us will talk during our allotted time slot and then we'll go back to our 'normal' day's work I expect. I miss people.

The Autumn leaves are looking more glorious every day just now, and I really want them to hold on to their branches for a bit longer! Thinking positively though, bare trees make lovely silhouettes for photos.

Here's some lovely ideas for leaf art for when the leaves do fall -

Stay safe and keep smiling.


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