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Yarn bombing.

I do love a bit of yarn bombing. It always makes me smile when I find it in some unsuspecting place. Have you seen any around Oban? The bollards outside 'Made in Argyll' in Station Square are worth having a look at.

I'd love to see an elephant bench, although it's not very practical for our Argyll weather!

The good folks at Rockfield are currently looking for knitters to contribute to their project, so if you have time to knit the odd square from leftover wool they'd love to have it.

Today is Knitting Bee day on Zoom, and I'm hoping that I can manage to talk and knit at the same time now! (I've reached a simple part of my pattern.)

Yesterday's sun has gone, and we're back to 'the usual Glasgow Fair weather', as a friend called it. Who doesn't know what that means?

Yesterday I started a course on Podcasting. Very interesting! Watch this space :)


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