How It Works & Where It Is Currently Offered In Scotland

Respitality, Respite + Hospitality, originated in the USA and provides a unique way for Carers Centres and the Scottish Hospitality sector to work together to provide short breaks to full-time unpaid carers.

The way it works is that the hospitality sector gift short breaks. These can be overnight stays, meals, spa days, beauty treatments – whatever gift the business chooses to donate. The breaks are made available during quieter periods, when it suits the business. These gifts can be made in various ways.

1. Click on the “Make a Gift” button on the Respitality website.

2. Give directly to the Carers Centres involved in the project - North Argyll Carers Centre.

    Contact Mairi Fleck - Email: Phone: 07795434499

3. Or by emailing or phoning 01383 622462.

Respitality currently operates in 14 different local authority area in Scotland.

Carers can only access Respitality if their local authority area offers it.

Businesses wishing to donate a break can do so whether their local authority area delivers Respitality or not.