Michael Shilson BSc MRSS

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing therapy.

It is holistic, gentle and suitable for all ages from infants to elderly.

It uses a form of natural healing to balance the body's energy, and to stimulate and enhance the body's healing abilities.

Treatment is carried out fully clothed on a massage table, and normally lasts about 45 minutes. The first treatment may be longer, as a case history is taken.

Michael trained for four years in Glasgow & New York, and has had personal experience of the benefits of shiatsu when he was seriously ill following exposure to an insecticide.

Michael runs a clinic from his home on Mull, Honeyrock Health, and travels to Oban to offer free therapies to carers at North Argyll Carers Centre.

Rie Emmers

Rie Emmers is an experienced manual therapist who has specialized in oncology massages as well as Manual Lymph Drainage with Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) and Visceral Manipulation.

Iris massage therapists offer soothing, gentle massage.

Your treatment can include hand massage, head, neck, shoulder, back & foot massage.

Treatment sessions last one hour, and can be at the Therapy Room, North Argyll Carers Centre, or in the comfort of your own home.

Treatments offered can vary, tailored to the client’s preferences.

All treatments are offered free of charge, but donations are most welcome.

All Iris Massage Therapists have received full training, to safely massage people with cancer.

Massage is offered alongside your medical treatment to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, relieve tension and help with symptoms of your condition.

Rie is constantly studying and adding to her knowledge of massage techniques to help with many conditions and ailments.

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