Young Carers & Young Adult Carers

A Young Carer is someone aged between 8 & 18 who helps to care for another person , usually a family member, who has a physical or mental disability such as paralysis, blindness or autism, or an illness such as cancer, depression or dementia.

Being a young carer is something to be proud of, but can sometimes be difficult as caring resposibilities can limit a young person's opportunities to enjoy social activities and develop relationships.

Young carers can sometimes feel under pressure and may need some support to manage their caring role as well as everything else like education, friendships and personal development.

Young carers can sometimes feel isolated and different so it helps to meet young people who understand, and have adults who can provide support.

We run two after school clubs during term time,(Primary school carers on Mondays and Secondary school carers on Wednesdays) where we eat healthy food, do homework, play games, make things, and give young carers the chance to talk privately with staff.

We go on adventures during the school holidays such as boat trips, outward bound residential breaks, theme parks, and much more. We can also work on a 'one to one' basis with young carers.

We also offer young adult carer support from the age of 18 - 25.

We have a Young Adult Carers Group that is on the first Thursday of the month @ North Argyll Carers Centre, and we can offer support with:

  • Careers

  • Education

  • Housing

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Personal Development

  • Social Activities

Please contact Agnes Ingram, Young Carers Services Coordinator:

01631 564422 / 07392 090319